A Collective.

Our desire is to create jewellery pieces that make you feel lucky and confident.
Una & Kristina , Founders of LMJ

Welcome to the world of Lucky Me.

This is the story of two best friends who've known each other since early childhood. They have been dreaming, since they were eleven, about starting their own little business dedicated to making jewellery from the finest materials, handmade with plenty of love and inspiration drawn from all across the world, while travelling around different countries, coming into contact with different faces, beauties, various cultures and religions, stories and legends.
It took us 18 whole years of research and discovery to create our little magic in shape of a beautiful and unique piece of jewellery.
We believe in magic and energy.
We believe that nothing is a matter of chance and that everything happens for a reason which is why we always utilize materials and semi-precious stones endowed with meaning and a protective aura, along with a small addition that will also protect you from negative energy and attract only the positive kind.
We emphasize beauty, as well as protect it.
We believe in fairy tales and miracles, and that little addition of happiness we need to make our dreams come true. Lucky you!