Payment method

Cash (Cash on delivery)

This option is available only on the territory of Serbia.

We offer the option of payment by Cash on delivery (cash payment to the courier at the delivery address). In this case, after confirming the order, the goods will be sent to you by courier service, and you will pay it to the courier upon acceptance. Lucky Me Jewellery provides you with free delivery throughout Serbia for all orders.

Payment cards

When ordering online, selecting the appropriate payment method will redirect you to a WSPay page that is protected and secure for this method of payment. At no time is your payment card information available to our system.

You need to enter the following information on the page: Card number, Expiration date and CVC2/CVV2 code, which you can read from your card.
For safer online shopping, WSPay supports Verified by Visa and MasterCard ID Check protection (3D Secure card verification). 3D Secure is an international standard used to verify card users and provides additional security when shopping online. The service helps protect against unauthorized use of the card by third parties during the implementation of online transactions.

3D Secure means that when paying online, the card user confirms their identity with a secret password received from the bank via SMS or e-mail, which reduces the possibility of misuse - similar to using a PIN at an ATM. In some cases, you can get a portable reader from the bank to generate the password.

Password entry and verification are performed exclusively between the card user and the bank, and the online trader does not have access to the data exchanged.

You can get the information with your card issuing bank about whether it supports 3D secure validation, how you can activate it and how it is implemented. If your card does not have the possibility of 3D validation, you can make the payment in the usual way, without this additional step.

Payment for Serbia is not possible in foreign currency, but only in RSD. For all other countries the payment is in EUR. Payment is possible with payment cards of domestic and foreign banks.

Credit cards

Possibility to pay with approved Visa Master and American Express credit cards.