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Corals - gemstone imparts courage and helps in overcoming fear and nervousness in the individual. This is the best gemstone, which can boost the self-esteem of the wearer. This gemstone has amazing healing effects. It helps in overcoming various skin related problems, like boils, acne and more. Coral is highly-prized as a substance believed to be endowed with mysterious sacred properties. It is a symbol of modesty, wisdom, happiness and immortality. It is commonly known to remedy spasms of intestines, sleeplessness, and bladder stones.

Freshwater pearl

Pearl reflects peace and calmness, and is mostly used to bring mental peace and wellbeing to the bearer. It does not have any negative effects on the wearer and can be worn by anybody. Pearl strengthens the weakened moon and brings peace to its wearer, along with peace it also brings calmness and courage. Pearl brings good fortune, and it also neutralizes the negative effects of the planets on human beings. It provides strength and peace to the mind and minimizes the ill effects of the moon bringing the emotional balance in the life of a stressed human being. Provides self-confidence to the wearer. It can help people in the profession of counselors, public speakers, and psychologists. Pearls also are considered the carriers of fame, wealth, and provides lavish and luxurious lifestyle to the wearer. For married life, the pearl brings harmony to the married life and doubles the love and affection between the partners. Wearing pearl on the day of marriage is supposed to bring peace and tranquility and improves the bonding between the couple.

Glass beads 

Evel eye - Is a talisman or amulet, designed in the shape of an eye, traditionally in the colors blue, that indicate spiritual protection. When a person wears or carries an Evel eye with them, it guards against misfortune happening in one’s life. The Evel eye brings good luck and protect you from any ill- will that could otherwise have a negative effect on your well-being or your life in general.

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